We are teagle


We solve difficult problems using knowledge, experience and technology.

We design profits

Teagle is a telematics agency that designs car fleet management systems, optimizes business processes, creates and implements incentive programs for drivers. In our activities, we pay special attention to the key aspects of business: generating savings and increasing turnover. We know the solutions to your problems and know how to contribute to achieve positive KPI rates - our knowledge, experience and technology are at your disposal.

Competing is not about an advantage

It is about the right choice


Needs analysis

We thoroughly examine the specificity of the enterprise and define problems and challenges and present as wide as possible space for optimization based on the indicated KPI rates.


Matching the solution

We prepare tailored telematics tools based on the Teagle modular system. Our system is tailored to your expectations.


Production and configuration

Thanks to the control of the complete production process of hardware and software we meet the high requirements of our partners.


Customer support

Telematics is a continuous process of processing a huge amount of information. We believe that uninterrupted and close cooperation guarantees achieving the goals set.


We have been involved in telematics for 10 years.

10 years of experience

Our team is a group of specialists creating and managing advanced tools and systems supporting mobile infrastructure management. The targeted knowledge of individuals combined with the vision of development and scalability of the developed tools enables shaping and building from scratch of dedicated functionalities.

We are part of Arcus

Teagle is a brand of Geotik belonging to the Arcus capital group. They have been providing services to several thousand clients from all over Poland for 30 years. Since 2007 the company has been listed on WSE and has been certified business credibility for many years in a row.

Clients and results

We work for


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Please call +48 66 333 7777 or via the form.

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