Teagle system is also a group of experienced and wonderful people creating a new quality in the telematics industry. Our way to solve a problem is built on a solid foundation of satisfaction and satisfaction of our colleagues.

Our values


The most valuable asset at our disposal. We believe that undermining trust in even 1% would mean that you can not rely on us. We do not allow that.


Decisive actions but without unnecessary risk. Every step has taken with confidence that we have properly prepared for the chosen path.


We strive to make everyone be better with every day in the Teagle system. We place emphasis on performing tasks in accordance with the best rules.


We work on proven solutions and care about the comfort and convenience of work.


We operate all over the world and compete with the largest. We provide the necessary space for functioning and making decisions.


We appreciate and support our associates in achieving their goals. We set ambitious challenges and implement them with the assumption that they will be solidly made.


Science and development

Ambitious projects

Stable employment


Modern working tools


Flexible working hours


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