Teagle System


A modern and intuitive telematic tool for managing mobile units.

Fleet tracking

Teagle systems help companies to achieve optimal dynamics and flexibility of their fleet. The application presents the full status of the fleet and allows to assign tasks to the right people in the shortest possible time. Indicates the most optimal routes and presents the key parameters of drivers and vehicles from a business perspective.

  • Current vehicle status
  • Drivers identification
  • Route history
  • Anti-theft protection
  • Time to complete tasks

Statistics and reports

The essence of our system are valuable analytical conclusions. We believe that the high quality of the collected data and their holistic analysis are behind the optimal success of a company. We give in your hands dozens of reports and our help in their analysis.

  • Dedicated reports tailored to your needs
  • Predefined statistics and reports
  • Data available in the cloud

Fuel measurement

The system is based on a proven solution for monitoring and fuel control. The measurement takes place by means of a secure connection to the CAN bus and the probes installed in the tanks. The collected data is then processed by a proprietary algorithm guaranteeing precise results.

  • Refuelling and fuel consumption history
  • Discounts detection
  • Protection against abuse

Fleet ecodriving

The Teagle system provides the fleet manager and drivers with detailed information on the driving style. Thanks to the Big Data analysis we monitor the following parameters: fluidity, speed and driving economy. Then we combine them with contextual traffic information. The Teagle system educates drivers and supports the work of management units.

  • Speed limit mapping
  • Drivers and vehicles rating

Drivers driving style analysis

The system has an advanced module for monitoring and assessing the drivers behaviour on a road. The data collected in the application is analysed by an intelligent algorithm creating a global driver ranking based on the driving style evaluation profiles we have prepared.

  • Parameters adjustment
  • Mobile access
  • Tips for drivers

Rental schedule

Created for the dynamic nature of the vehicle rental operation. A user receives a number of useful functions that automate and accelerate the rental process. Thanks to the integration with Geotik telematics solutions the system protects vehicles from theft and automatically saves the counters.

  • Contract type adaptation
  • Automatic attachment
  • Loan history
  • Archives of contracts and documentation

Support source modern business

Dispatch module

The web application shows clear information about orders and runs as well as their execution time. The users get an insight into the loading and unloading places as well as the details of the transported goods.

  • Orders history
  • Invoicing automation
  • Unloading and loading of goods
  • Integration with TMS systems

Mobile access

Mobility, efficiency, multi-functionality and speed response – the words precisely define the Teagle fleet management application. Irreplaceable tool to improve the decision chain at the highest levels.

  • Quick access to items, statistics and reports.
  • Marking the visited points along with the stay duration.
  • Orders management and cost control
  • Providing current vehicle position and archived routes


Our systems enable to create an individual user interface. We adjust the interface in terms of graphics and functionality in accordance with the clients requirements.

  • Interface graphic layout adjusting
  • Integration with ERP systems
  • Templates and contracts implementation

The most important data regarding technical economy records with an extensive system of notifications about service dates. The function ensures proper technical condition of the fleet.

  • Dates of reviews and insurances
  • Automatic notifications
  • Adaptation to the vehicles type
  • The peak of telematics possibilities

Pinnacle of telematics possibilities

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