Teagle System

Hardware & Software

From very beginning our goal was to create our own telematics platform combined with the original application. We knew it was the only way to meet the requirements of the largest institutions and corporations. An elementary knowledge of the created hardware and software is our advantage.


Thanks to new technologies and over 10 years of experience in the research and development of telematic devices we provide our customers with a reliable and functional Teagle system. Our solutions are based on original GPS Logistic PRO devices appropriately tailored to the requirements of entrepreneurs before implementation.


A group of programmers in our team specialize in creating advanced tools and systems supporting the management of mobile infrastructure. The focused knowledge of individuals combined with the vision of development and scalability of the developed tools enables shaping and building dedicated functionalities from scratch.

Precisely tuned instruments sound clear in the form of data

Thanks to full control over the Teagle system being created it is possible to integrate the infrastructure with the applications of service providers and end customers. An increased number of connected devices and data sent from them gives businessmen a better chance to draw key conclusions supporting business processes.

We are ready to meet you at any time

There is no time to waste and we are ready to cope with even the toughest problems. We pay special attention to the analysis and understanding of the situations in which our clients are. We believe that each process can be optimized with minimal costs – the key lies in the quality of provided data.

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