Mr. Teagle

There is no time to lose. What counts is action so we will not dwell on promises. Progress should be made of deeds not words. Large companies require special treatment and that is why Teagle system was founded. We believe that good preparation and thoughtful steps lead to solve even the most difficult problems. We are Teagle, We solve problems

Our values



Before we make a promise to the client we constantly ask ourselves: “Are we able to fulfil it?” We are always 100% involved – if you find that you can not rely on us during cooperation it is a sign that we should close the deal.



We prepare ourselves appropriately for each implementation. We do not like to be surprised in business even in a positive way because it is a sign that something has been omitted at the strategic stage.



You can not manage anything you do not understand. Before starting cooperation we try to understand every business process of our clients – listen carefully and collect as much information as possible. In this way we gain experience and knowledge that enable us to adapt our activities to the specifics of our clients industry.



We do not recognize half-measures and play open cards. Even the worst truth is better than the smallest lie. We always start with bad news because they are the heart of the problem. We are very stubborn in pursuing the goal but without nonsense steps. If anything does not work we simply give it up.


We put our trust at the very top of business relations. We anticipate the worst to create the best. We implement the most difficult tasks. We provide our clients with tailored technology and innovative solutions that optimize processes and generate savings.


Effective action

We do not exaggerate with the number of tools and achieve our goals in the most effective way without wasting our resources.

Technological background

Thanks to creating hardware and software from scratch we have control over all stages of telematics implementation.

We care about relationships

A team of professionals full of energy, courage, passion and skills is our strength. Thanks to this we meet expectations at every stage of cooperation with a client.

Adaptation to the problem

We consider each implementation individually and precisely select our tools to problem scale.


We strive to get to know and understand the actual needs of our clients and associates. We are always open to dialogue.

We will diagnose the problem and find a solution.

It allows us to plan a process suitably


Needs analysis

We thoroughly examine the specificity of the enterprise and define problems and challenges and present as wide as possible space for optimization based on the indicated KPI rates.


Matching the solution

We prepare tailored telematics tools based on the Teagle modular system. Our system is designed to meet your expectations.


Production and configuration

Thanks to the control of the complete production process of hardware and software we meet the high requirements of our partners.


Customer support

Telematics is a continuous process of processing a huge amount of information. We believe that uninterrupted and close cooperation guarantees achieving the goals set.

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Please call +48 66 333 7777 or via the form.

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