Installation of the telematics system at ENVAG


Over 23 years on the market. It is one of the leading suppliers of control and measurement technologies. The owner of a rich machine park consisting of nearly 50 vehicles. Find out what the implementation of the GPS Guardian monitoring system in the Warsaw ENVAG company looked like

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Selected solution

Fleet management system

At the beginning

OMC ENVAG is a company that continues the activities of OMC Ltd. Their main profile is to supply the advanced control and measurement technology as well as the distribution of this equipment throughout Europe. ENVAG has nearly 50 vehicles of various types. The company has been repeatedly selected as the winner of prestigious tenders organized by: The World Bank, the European PHARE Standards Committee and the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

The purpose of the company

As a result of the increase the range of operation by the Warsaw company manual vehicles management in Excel was abandoned in favour of an automated fleet management system.

“Considerations over the investment in the GPS monitoring system were preceded by a thorough analysis being the basis for defining the objectives that we intended to achieve with the new technology. We were looking for a solution enabling: driver control, cost optimization and automation of administrative processes, among others settlement of a delegation or records of use of vehicles for private purposes. Our requirements were met by the GPS Guardian system” – Krzysztof Racz (fleet administrator) said.

Implementation of GPS monitoring

Precisely defined goals and high expectations required the implementation of an advanced structure. The vehicles were equipped with telemetric exchanges supporting the vehicle identification system and the “private driving / riding” technology as well as connection to the CAN bus. The assembly included 26 passenger and delivery vehicles from years 2007–2015. Installation and calibration went well and all obtained data was satisfactory. The system could be commissioned for use by ENVAG.

“Working with the GPS Guardian system went unnoticed – the application is intuitive and took less time to master it than we thought. We have configured the system to minimize the number of entries to the application; we used automatic reporting (reports on routes and stops, private/business driving reports and fuel reports). In addition we have defined speed alerts and geo-fences that informed the right people about offences on a regular basis.” – Krzysztof Racz added.

ENVAG effectively applied the automation rules within the GPS Guardian system in this way the user receives important notifications by e-mail or telephone. The reports are generated in accordance with the schedule set by the administrator.

Problem solution

Dedicated speed report

ENVAG company showed a very large commitment in fleet management constantly looking for a way to achieve even better results – the result was an idea to create a report of distance above the critical speed – we accepted the order and prepared a module in line with the guidelines.

“We have seen the first benefits of implementing the system: costs for fuel have decreased and the settlement of delegations and private trips has been significantly accelerated. Interestingly, the drivers driving loss was also reduced; awareness of the existence of a GPS system in their vehicles caused a reduction of unnecessary risk on the road. However, we encountered another problem – being the main source of inspiration for the report of distance above the critical speed – namely, some of our vehicles more and more often required service and some even required multiple engine changes. We carried out an internal analysis and we got to the source of the problem – it was a “hard leg” of some drivers.” – Krzysztof Racz mentioned.


Thank you to ENVAG for agreeing to share valuable information. We are proud that we cooperate with companies that consciously use fleet policy and base their actions on modern technology.

“Teagle provided us with exactly what we expected. In addition, the company showed high flexibility and knowledge; they have created a report for us in accordance with all guidelines. The monitoring enabled us to achieve our goals effectively: we reduced administrative tasks, our drivers were exempt from keeping records, we observed a decrease in fuel consumption and we reduced the number of services performed. ” – Krzysztof Racz finished.

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