Driving style analytics

Taking care of the drivers driving style you can ensure their safety and care for the environment. The EcoDriving system will provide a number of functions allowing to evaluate, compare and train your drivers. The Teagle application system will improve the performance of each fleet and the driving style of the employees. Switch to EcoDriving now!



Improving the safety of drivers


Reduction in claims


Limitation of CO2 emissions


Improvement of driving skills

Ecodriving as the key for savings

The total fuel consumption at a standstill, the total driving time and the total running time of an engine are the parameters taken into account by the application for driver's assessment. In addition, we take into account the driving time with CAN engine revolutions CAN above the defined limit and driving time with CAN speed. We also test drivers for sudden braking, the total use of a brake pedal, the braking factor of a foot brake and engine braking rate. The application has an acceleration counter when the pressure on the accelerator is greater than 90%. We also examine the driving time on a cruise control, driving time with exceeded accelerator pressure and the number of engine overruns above the defined level. We are able to determine if driver ride is economical by analysing these parameters.

Let’s get to know the benefits of EcoDriving system

Thanks to the EcoDriving system you can reduce CO2 emissions of your fleet while caring for the environment. You receive reports on ecological driving which makes you know what extent the company fleet fits into the eco style. You can easily see a report on fuel consumption and detect inaccurate events that threaten the safety of the driver.

Efficiency and precision

The fuel consumption panel allow to control its condition and to drive more economically. This data are received by a driver but also by you or other persons designated for this purpose in your company. Current and historical data on fuel consumption or CO2 emissions are available at your fingertips. Thanks to precise reports you are able to compare performance over time.

Factors affecting ecodriving

The economical driving is made up of the following factors. We test the driving smoothness which depends on the appropriate prediction of road events and driving in which a driver does not brake and accelerate too often. The second factor is to drive in accordance with the regulations during which a driver does not break the speed limits in a city and outside as well as on a motorway. The third factor is the adaptation to weather conditions – it is important a driver should not perform dangerous manoeuvres during difficult weather conditions such as rain or snow. Another factor is to maintain the right driving track and concentration what translates into safe driving. The last factor is economical driving i.e. changing gears at the right time and maintaining a constant speed instead of constantly accelerating and decelerating.

Measured elements


Smooth driving


Engine operation




Compliance with working time


Avoiding violent manoeuvres


Observing speed limits

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