Fleet management

We offer solutions designed to ensure comfortable management in a company. Today you can manage your fleet financially controlling fuel consumption or registering drivers working time. There are no mention of employees abuses and too much fuel consumption.



Fuel consumption reduction


Optimal order management


Limiting insurance rates


Acceleration of administrative processes


Teagle system helps in operational management by optimizing company operations. This is due to such functionalities as: location, route optimization and fuel consumption, constant contact between a driver and company as well as the possibility of increasing the fleet efficiency. See how much Teagle system capabilities can add wings to the company fleet no matter where it is.

Let’s get to know the most important benefits of fleet management by Teagle

You can now monitor company vehicles from anywhere on earth. A smartphone with the Teagle application is enough to show the course of the journey and the position of the car in real time, of course.

Location and route history

Provides full control and creates the possibility of immediate reaction thanks to the great location functionality and route history. Teagle system allows to receive instant notifications informing about the most important driver travel points.

The optimal fleet

Generated on demand reports in the application and information provided in real time allow to optimize the fleet efficiency. Choose a better route to reduce fuel costs and allow drivers to not abuse your trust any more.

Dispatch management

We create the ability to manage work and orders and assign tasks. The company drivers are in constant contact with the base and never forget about the task because the application will notify them. The drivers avoid the spectrum of traffic jams thanks to the optimal routes suggested. The company employees have the comfort of work and thanks to the registration of working time you are able to have everything under control. Your fleet needs Teagle system to function more efficiently!


You can increase the safety of your fleet with us regardless of whether it is located in the same province or on the antipodes. In addition, we are pro-ecological because we reduce the CO2 emission to the environment and additionally create a more prudent driving style. You are able to plan car inspections and monitor fuel consumption. No more uneconomical driving which generated sky-high costs. The time has come for a smart-style driving that will earn you money. You can easily integrate the Teagle application with other software in a company. Compatibility and ease of use are the values that have become the foundation of Teagle system. Your fleet can now work more efficiently affecting better work comfort and control on the part of the company. Learn about the client history

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