Lowering fleet costs

Presently, too much fuel consumption as the result of poorly selected routes or private journeys is a problem for many companies. We present the Teagle telematics application which will allow to optimize fleet costs and generate profits thanks to the thoughtful use of the fleet in the company.



Increased drivers motivation


Lowering fuel expenses


Accelerating the drivers settlement


Automatic collection of road tolls


Telematics today offers great opportunities to optimize fleet costs although only a few years ago it offered only vehicle geolocation services. Teagle system can help your company by offering optimization of fleet routes free of traffic jams or tolls thanks to data collected by telematics. Additionally, thanks to Teagle system you will have information on whether the drivers way of driving is economical and does not generate unnecessary costs.

Thousands of kilometres under control

Teagle will provide you with the opportunity to save fuel and control its consumption which is extremely important as the company cars cover thousands of kilometres every day in every corner of the globe. You will also be able to guard against employee dishonesty by preventing fuel theft.

Generating savings

Vehicle work monitoring and the analysis of collected data can help to make a decision about buying a new vehicle. Data from the application will show whether the vehicle is used optimally and the purchase of a new vehicle is really justified.

Ecological motivation

The Teagle system functionality also means controlling the economical driving of drivers which will contribute to lowering fuel costs. EcoDriving consists of among others using cruise control or accelerating in the right way. If the data collected in the application prove that your employee rides economically it will give not only profits to the company but can also contribute to the driver salary increase. Teagle system will help the employees to ride economically and show them that economic driving can bring them real benefits.

Performance indicators

Teagle system records real-time performance indicators so you can control your fleet staying up to a thousand kilometres from your drivers. Teagle system important functionality is notifications that will let know as a result of crossing the boundary of the designated zone. Teagle system is a fleet optimization tool notifying about the results and efficiency or effectiveness (KPI rates). Instant notifications help make the right decisions live and minimizing the risk of loss.

Business analytics

Teagle system gives the opportunity to generate a report that will translate into optimizing the performance of vehicle fleet. The report include such data as: employee activity, vehicle parameters, fuel consumption or inconveniences on a route. All necessary data are available on demand from a smartphone or computer and allow you to modify the route or optimize the costs associated with the company fleet.

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