Motivational programs for drivers

Do you know that through GPS monitoring you can involve your employees in gamification that will increase their motivation to work?



Improving the driving style of drivers


Maintaining optimal motivation


Reducing fleet maintenance costs


Reducing employee turnover

According to research as many as 63% of employees are not motivated to work and 23% even to sabotage it. Relevant educational programs supported by modern telematics tools effectively eliminate this problem. The key is to provide drivers with an insight about driving style.

Motivation thanks to gamification

Another solution is gamification using GPS monitoring in which drivers compete for bonuses or additional benefits. What can be the subject of gamification? First, employees can earn points for achievements such as: no over speeding or the smallest number of fuel consumed.

Speeding alerts

To further develop the competitive spirit of drivers the alerts from the GPS locator can be used keeping all participants informed about speeding. The winner is the one who receives the least alerts during the competition.

Group gamification

The second type of gamification is group collaboration of the entire fleet or individual groups of employees. The goal of the game is to achieve the best result in the GPS monitoring system. For example, driving speed as low as possible or economical driving can be the goal. You can create other ideas of gamification to motivate employees – there are many ideas! It is enough to use the possible GPS monitoring functionality.

Increased driving efficiency

Increasing the motivation of employees through GPS monitoring and gamification is a great idea allowing to involve a team with less conventional methods. Thanks to a large number of GPS functions such as: speeding alerts, economic driving test etc. the rules of gamification can be created that will get drivers out of routine and inspire them to increase driving efficiency or sales results.

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