Optimization of business processes

From today you can have access to key performance indicators optimizing your vehicle fleet in real time.



Processes automation in a organization


Lowering the operating costs


Shortening the time of handling given tasks


Identification of the slowest processes

Business optimization higher by a level

Thanks to Teagle system you can easily control the activity of drivers, affect their performance, save fuel and plan refuelling as well as have access to technical indicators of a vehicle. The generated reports provide the opportunity to compare fleet performance affecting its optimization. You receive real-time notifications that allow you to keep your finger on the pulse being thousands of kilometres away from the cars. Time for Teagle – that is bold management of company logistics.

Brave business

Already today you can boldly run your business without fear of high costs or unnecessary fuel consumption. Allocating the drivers tasks straight from the office to optimize their routes and gain valuable time that generates profits. Do you want to have more control? You can automatically register your working time without any effort.

Routes and tasks optimization

Scheduling tasks thanks to information about the expected driver arrival time. Thanks to such benefits as faster communication between a fleet and office and insight into order statuses or optimization of travel time from point A to point B your company will start to generate more profits. Thanks to the experience of your team in combination with Teagle systems the drivers will drive the fastest routes away from traffic jams and obstacles.

Integration as a way to Big Data

The Teagle application can be integrated with other fleet applications so that from today your command centre can be located in your smartphone or in the company laptop. Already today expand your business with fleet management application and control it in real time and generate savings.

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