Teagle System


A modern and intuitive telematic tool for managing mobile units.

Fleet management

Teagle was created with the aim to manage mobile units. Regardless of the nature of the company and the industry the application provides a number of key information about the location, fuel status, driver, transported cargo or orders.

  • Limiting unnecessary mileage
  • More efficiency for contractors
  • Safety of drivers and transported loads
  • Integration with transport exchanges

Optimizing fuel economy

Teagle fuel management system – the application allows to reduce costs by optimizing fuel consumption and reducing the risk of fuel drain. The fuel measurement readout can take place in any type of trucks, personal, delivery, construction, agricultural and other vehicles.

  • Optimizing fuel consumption
  • Detection of irregularities
  • Route optimization
  • Fleet maintenance

Fleet maintenance

The advanced vehicle condition management module ensures permanent fleet availability. The system optimizes the process of controlling the key dates of technical administration of owned cars. The application user can freely define the method of receiving automatic notifications. The system clearly shows the most important terms in one place.

  • Automatic notifications about key dates
  • Flexible reporting system

Reduction of administrative activities

The most important need of every industry is to reduce costs while increasing productivity. Teagle system can be integrated with external applications and thanks to that improves the processes of inventory management, document flow and work flow. Teagle system is a smooth processing and data integration.

  • Limiting administrative processes
  • Acceleration of the documentation flow
  • Improvement of the service quality of contractors

Evaluation of driving style

EcoDriving shows incorrect road habits at the legible charts and rankings. This is an irreplaceable tool that enables fleet managers to monitor performance and compare performance with established KPI rates. The application educates, evaluates and compares driving style based on monitoring of key parameters. The collected data can be used to teach drivers and reward them for the right ride.

  • Lowering costs
  • Improving the driving quality
  • Reducing CO2 emissions
  • Tips for drivers

Improving security

We know how important is the safety of drivers and vehicles. Teagle system controls this key area using anti-theft systems and an accelerometer for detecting and reconstructing accidents as well as educational programs for drivers in the field of safe driving. In addition, the application can be integrated with advanced ADAS systems.

  • Integration with ADAS
  • Safe driving programs
  • Detection of accidents and collisions
  • Anti-theft protection

Dispatch Monitoring

Many companies have problems related to the correct and timely settlement of working time. EU directives also do not help in that as they precisely define driving and working time as well as break and rest time. Teagle system takes care of all the information collected in the system and clearly present how to use them.

  • Fuel consumption reduction
  • Elimination of empty runs
  • Lowering operating costs
  • Optimization of completed orders

Process optimization

We pay special attention to the optimization of business processes and savings. We provide automated road cards and accurate time records including driver identification and working mode.

  • Road cards
  • Automatic reporting in accordance with EU standards
  • Application of the system in industries

Application of the system in industries

Fleet management for the public services sector

Fleet management for mobile sales representatives

Railway transport

Transport fleet management

Car rental

Construction industry fleet

Transport of people

Courier services


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